AMS - Aerospace Materials Specifications 



AMS                                       Material                                            Shape     
AMS-4006 3003-O Sheet & Plate
AMS-4008 3003-H14 Sheet & Plate
AMS-4015 5052-O Sheet & Plate
AMS-4016 5052-H32 Sheet & Plate
AMS-4017 5052-H34 Sheet & Plate
AMS-4025 6061-O Sheet & Plate
AMS-4026 6061-T4/T451 Sheet & Plate
AMS-4027 6061-T6/T651 Sheet & Plate
AMS-4028 2014-O Plate
AMS-4029 2014-T6 Sheet
AMS-4029 2014-T651 Plate
AMS-4031 2219-O Sheet & Plate
AMS-4035 2024-O Sheet & Plate
AMS-4037 2024-T3/ T351 Sheet & Plate
AMS-4040 2024-O Alclad Sheet & Plate
AMS-4041 2024-T3 Alclad Sheet
AMS-4041 2024-T351 Alclad Plate
AMS-4044 7075-O Sheet & Plate
AMS-4045 7075-T6 Sheet
AMS-4045 7075-T651 Plate
AMS-4048 7075-O Alclad Sheet & Plate
AMS-4049 7075-T6 Alclad Sheet
AMS-4049 7075-T651 Alclad Plate
AMS-4050 7050-T7451 Plate
AMS-4056 5083-O Sheet & Plate
AMS-4065 3003-O Drawn Seamless Tube
AMS-4067 3003 -H14 Drawn Seamless Tube
AMS-4070 5052-O Drawn Seamless Tube
AMS-4078 7075-T7351 Plate
AMS-4080 6061 -O Drawn Seamless Tube
AMS-4082 6061-T6 Drawn Seamless Tube
AMS-4084 7475-T61 Sheet
AMS-4085 7475-T761 Sheet
AMS-4087 2024-O Drawn Seamless Tube
AMS-4088 2024-T3 Drawn Seamless Tube
AMS-4089 7475-T7651 Plate
AMS4090 7475-T651 Plate
AMS-4094 2219-T8 Alclad Sheet
AMS-4049 2219-T851 Alclad Plate
AMS-4095 2219-T3 Alclad Sheet
AMS-4095 2219-T851 Alclad Plate
AMS-4096 2219-0 Alclad Sheet & Plate
AMS-4100 7475-T761 Alclad Sheet
AMS-4101 2124-T851 Plate
AMS-4114 5052-F Cold Finished Rod and Bar
AMS-4115 6061-O Drawn or Cold Finished Rod and Bar
AMS-4116 6061-T4 Cold Finished Rod and Bar
AMS-4117  6061-T651 Cold Finished Rod and Bar 
AMS-4118 2017-T4/T451 Cold Finished Rod and Bar
AMS-4120 2024-T4/T351 Cold Finished Rod and Bar
AMS-4121 2014-T6 Cold Finished Rod and Bar
AMS-4122 7075-T6/T73 Cold Finished Rod and Bar
AMS-4123 7075-T6/T651 Cold Finished Rod and Bar
AMS-4124 7075-T7351 Cold Finished Rod and Bar
 AMS-4150 6061-T6 and T651 Extruded    Rod and Bar
AMS-4152 2024-T3 Extruded Rod and Bar
AMS-4153 2014-T6 Extruded Rod and Bar
AMS-4154 7075-T6 Extruded Rod and Bar
AMS-4156 6063-T6 Extruded Rod and Bar
AMS-4157 7049-T73511 Extruded Rod and Bar
AMS-4159 7049-T76511 Extruded Rod and Bar
AMS-4160 6061-O Extruded Rod and Bar
AMS-4161 6061-T4 Extruded Rod and Bar
AMS-4162 2219-T8511 Extruded Rod and Bar
AMS-4163 2219-T3511 Extruded Rod and Bar
AMS-4164 2024-T3510 Extruded Rod and Bar
AMS-4165 2024-T3511 Extruded Rod and Bar
AMS-4166 7075-T731 Extruded Rod and Bar
 AMS-4167  7075-T73511 Extruded  Rod and Bar
AMS-4168 7075-T6510 Extruded Rod and Bar
AMS-4169 7075-T6511 Extruded Rod and Bar
AMS-4172 6061-T4511 Extruded Rod and Bar
AMS-4173 6061-T6511 Extruded Rod and Bar
AMS-4201 7050-T7651 Plate
AMS-4202 7475-T7351 Plate
AMS-4203 7010-T75351 Plate
AMS-4204 7010-T7651 Plate
AMS-4205 7010-T7451 Plate
AMS-4206 7055-T7751 Plate
AMS-4207 7475-T61 Alclad Sheet
AMS-4208 2004-F Sheet
AMS-4209 2004-F Alclad Sheet
AMS-4221 2124-T8151 Plate
AMS-4243 7050-T76 Alclad Sheet
AMS4251 2090-T83 Sheet
AMS-4252 7150-T7751 Plate
AMS-4270 2424-T3 Alclad Sheet
AMS-4273 2424-T3 Sheet & Plate
AMS-4274 2024-O Hi-Form Alclad Sheet
AMS-4276 2024-O Hi-Form Sheet
AMS-4277 7075-O Hi-Form Sheet
AMS-4278 7075-O Hi-Form Alclad Sheet
AMS-4279 2024-T4 (T-Form) Alclad Sheet
AMS-4295 2219 Aluminum Sheet & Plate
AMS-4296 2524-T3 Sheet & Plate
AMS-4297 2024-T4 (T-Form) Sheet
AMS-4303 2090-T81 Plate
AMS-4306 7150-T6151 Plate
AMS-4339 2024-T851 Cold Finished Rod and Bar
AMS-4340 7050-T76511 Rod and Bar
AMS-4341 7050-T73511 Rod and Bar
AMS-4342 7050-T74511 Rod and Bar
AMS-4343 7149-T73511 Rod and Bar
AMS-4344 7175-T73511 Rod and Bar
AMS-4345 7150-T77511 Rod and Bar
AMS-4347 6013-T4 Sheet
AMS-4533 C172 Condition AT, TF00 Rod
AMS-4534 C172 Condition HT, TH04 Rod
AMS-4535 C172 Condition AT Round Tube
AMS-4590 C63020 Nickel Aluminum Bronze Rod
AMS-4596 ToughMet 3 AT 110,C729 Rod
AMS-4612 416 Condition A Rod and Bar
AMS-4631 C642 Aluminum Silicon Bronze Rod
AMS-4635 C623 Aluminum Bronze Rod
AMS-4640 Alloy 630 Nickel Aluminum Bronze Rod and Bar
AMS-4650 C172 Condition a, TB00 Rod
AMS-4651 C172 Condition H, TD04 Rod
AMS-4674 405 Nickel Alloy    Rod and Bar
AMS-4675 400 Nickel Alloy Rod and Bar
AMS-4676 K-500 Nickel Alloy    Rod and Bar
AMS-4880 C95510 Nickel Aluminum Bronze Cast Tube
AMS-5062 1018 Carbon Steel Rod and Bar
AMS-5069 1018 Carbon Steel Rod and Bar
AMS-5154 7076-T6 Extruded Rod and Bar
AMS-5604 17-4 PH Plate
AMS-5610 416 Condition A Type 2 Rod and Bar
AMS-5613 416 Condition A Rod and Bar
AMS-5616 418 Greek Ascology Condition A Rod and Bar
AMS-5617 Custom 455 Grade 1 and 2 Rod and Bar
AMS-5618 440C Vac Melt Rod and Bar
AMS-5620 420-F Condition A Type 2 Rod and Bar
AMS-5627 430 Condition A Rod and Bar
AMS-5628 431 Condition A Rod and Bar
AMS-5629 13-8 Stainless Rod and Bar
AMS-5630 440C Condition A Rod and Bar
AMS-5631 440A Condition A Rod and Bar
AMS-5632 440F SE Type 2 Rod and Bar
AMS-5637 302 High Tensile Cond B Rod and Bar
AMS-5639 304 Condition A Rod and Bar
AMS-5640 303 Condition A Type 1 and 2 Rod and Bar
AMS-5641 303 Selenium Condition A Rod and Bar
AMS-5643 17-4 PH Solution Treat, H1150, and DH1150 Rod and Bar
AMS-5644 17-7 PH Solution Treated Rod and Bar
AMS-5645 321 Condition A Rod and Bar
AMS-5645 347 Condition A Rod and Bar
AMS-5647 304L Condition A Rod and Bar
AMS-5648 316 Condition A Rod and Bar
AMS-5650 309 Condition A Rod and Bar
AMS-5651 310 Condition A Rod and Bar
AMS-5653 316L Condition A Rod and Bar
AMS-5656 Nitronic 40(r) Alloy 21-6-9 Rod and Bar
AMS-5659 15-5 PH, Types I and II Rod
AMS-5662 718 Nickel Rod




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