Millennium Metals carries a wide range of metals and industrial plastics including aluminum, stainless, brass, copper, nickel alloys, bronzes, aircraft alloys, titanium, nylon, acetal, UHMW, and polycarbonate. 

Please open the line card below for a more complete listing of products.

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Plastic Products

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) 

Rod, Sheet, and Tubing

Acrylic (Polymethylacrylate) 

Plexiglas®, Cast Acrylic Rod, Cast Acrylic Tubing, Extruded Acrylic Rod, Extruded Acrylic Tubing    

Delrin®/ Acetal 

Rod, Square, Bar, Plate, Tubing

Delrin® AF/ Acetal 

Rod, Plate, Tubing

Nylon (Polyhexamethylene Adipamide) 

Rod and Plate

Nylon 6/6 Extruded Plate 

Rod, Plate, Tubing

PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) 

Rod and Plate


Grades "C", "CE", "L", "LE", "G-7", "G-10", "G-11", "N-1", "XX", "XXX"

Rod, Sheet, Plate, Tubing



Rod, Sheet, Plate, Tubing


High Density (HDPE) Rod, Sheet, Tubing

UHMW - (Ultra High Molecular Weight) Rod, Sheet, Angles, Channels, and Tubing


Rod, Sheet, and Tubing

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